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Title: Follower Count
Word Count: 1642
Rating: G
Warnings: Unedited.
Summary: A walk back home.

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God of Zerg

Most epic match just now at the GSL! Can't believe IMNesTea pulled it off! It was a very much too-close-to-call right until the last second in the game. Crazy! And such a hard map to pull a zerg victory in, too! What an incredible series!

IMNesTea v sCfOu at the GSL Semi-Final's five-setter = UBEREPIC



...lol, NesTea is trending at twitter US right now. awesomesauce.

hold that thought. NesTea is trending at twitter WORLDWIDE now. LOL. He should get some endorsements from the beverage company. DUDE.



The GSL Team League really delivered tonight :). Despite the delays between the matches, I was very much entertained. To be honest, I would not have picked that Slayers would have won this season. They were so weak last time, but they ended up besting oGs, ST .... AND IM. What an awesome underdog story :) Boxer is a LEGEND.

On other news, I've caught up completely with Supernatural, and now catching up with House. Have to say that the new House episodes have not been as entertaining as the previous seasons. The character developments are a little too much on the predictable side for me. I sort of enjoyed that people on TV can be as eccentric as. But I guess House, the genius, obnoxious, sociopath doctor, will end up repackaged into House!Lite in the end, with tiny moments of bursts of denial. Ah, TV. How you take yourself so seriously.

I really must try to draw sometime soon :| But, here's some stuff I did for ontd_creepy a while ago:

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It's 1 AM. Bed time for me. Good night! It was such a good day / night :)

Fruit Dealer Goodness

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My phone died.


Eventually, I will get back to do something more productive than just screaming at the tv (read: gaming).

DA Group's doing well. Over 2.4k people are following it. It's grown nicely since its inception 6 months ago. Here's some picz, as per usual order of business, to prettify your dayz:
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awkward turtle

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here's some new stuffs at my group that caught my eyes. so it's not all texty:

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k... holy check!

winrar is coming

last entry was in april. really showed how i've been incredibly prolific with my lj.

its still very cold here, but at least the days are starting to get longer, a little. it's august already, all the sudden. hours and days go by so quickly. felt like it was february just yesterday. old tune, eh.

things that have not / have happened:
- have not been .... writing / drawing / doing anything productive
- have been .... managing my group at da / reading / watching tv series / playing games / being buried by chores and workloads / travelling / sleeping / talking / walking dogs / frowning

group's sort of growing bigger and bigger and demands more and more time. it's good, but really tiring, too. it's humbling and inspiring both at the same time, and i know i should get back to drawing one of these days. here's a few example art submissions at my group that made me gaped:

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fourth picture from the top is actually an illustration off A Game of Thrones.... which is something that i've picked up in the last month and it got me hooked. i finished the second book last week. and now, i think i've had my fill of the high fantasy genre for awhile.

another book i've finished is slaughterhouse v. that cracked me up to no ends.

games i've finished: ff 13, assassins creed 2, and currently playing fallout 3

okay, i think i've rambled enough just to let people know i'm still alive and active online.

see you all next time.

picture dump

I've been away from LJ lately.... and I've returned to DA. Mostly since the Group thing has caught a hold of me. It's really quite fun- and inspirational. I've realised that I haven't been spending as much time as I want to, on drawing.

Not that I've got the time for it.

Sadly, all I've been doing recently is unfun, uncreative things. But at least I've managed to sit down and finish Star Ocean 4 and Mass Effect 2 in between brain-crunching sessions. Mass Effect 2 was good. Not as good as Mass Effect 1, but I still enjoyed it and I look forward to the third installment in the series. Garrus Vakarian is awesome. I hope to see more of him, and maybe more of Mordin Solus, too. 

The game itself felt a little bit too streamlined. I know that the excavating humvee tours were a little bit tedious in Mass Effect 1, but yeah, it really adds to the atmosphere of space exploration feel. When I'm driving that little bugger of a vehicle over a ridge and suddenly the sky opened up to a twin moon in front of me, it felt awesome.

Naturally, I wonder if we were ever going to see a female Krogan or Salarian or Turian. The universe they've created is cool, but there are still things that feel lopsided, and in a big way. I do like the asari, though a lot of it seems to be built on hormone-coloured bias.

Star Ocean 4 was a slog. I thought Tales of Vesperia was disappointing, and then here comes Star Ocean 4. For the first few hours into it, I had to force myself to keep at it. The battle system is not as button mashing as ToV's, but instead they made it gimmicky and it felt like a prissy little tart. I liked a few characters, but only one out of the playable ones. And he ended up being replaced then dying later. Hahah. Figures. 

Ah well. At least I've finished it, now I've got leave to go get Final Fantasy 13. I'm looking forward to it. I hope it's better than Star Ocean 4. Which, won't be hard to do.

And now I'll have to probably draw a little bit more. When I've got the time to do so. UGH.

In the meanwhile, here's some eye-bleeding things I managed to scribble out...

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Writer's Block: Categorically speaking ...

If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?

1. Where's food?
2. Doo-dee-dum
4. Must draw moar. Find time. 404 - Time Not Found :(

Also, just saw: Repulsion.

picture dump

dawn_e_h 's forbidden door

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Sue Elder's Lani
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Indi's Chihr
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etacanis 's seth takara
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Infinite Undiscovery's Aya and Capell
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yay its weekend. time for games and more games.